Sifting through the noise

Bringing Order to Chaos

There is a lot of social media noise out there.  I follow a lot of people and sometimes find it difficult to break past the noise and get down to what I want.  I have found the particularly difficult on Twitter.  There is so much content coming my way I find it difficult to take it all in.  The random nature of many social media platforms can make it difficult to maneuver through a topic if interest.  I have a little secret that may help, best of all it is free.

The New News Flash

My life got a lot easier when I started using (pronounced paper-lee).  What does is help you collect content from multiple social media platforms and compile it in a newspaper style web page.  Even the free version allows you to easily curate and present content in a way that is focused on your customer’s interests, even if the only intended customer is you.   Used in conjunction wth tools like HootSuite, it is pretty easy to create a private e-newsaper that helps track what the competition is up to without having to plow through multiple sites.

That is not to say that can’t be a powerful tool to reach customers.  I follow a couple of papers the share my interests.  Here’s just one:

Strat daily

I personally like The Strategist Daily because the curator, Tony Marino, pulls in good content related to Social Media, Marketing and business that I would not otherwise see.  This content I am interested in, but knowing there is no way to subscribe to everything, it is an easy shortcut to subscribe to content someone else has taken the time to sift through.

But Wait there Is More…

The example above looks tome like the free version.  Starting at $9 per month there is a  paid version that has many more features including enhanced features like more Social Media sites you can pull content from and even a blog platform.  The design features, while still easier than easy, provide some pretty cool options.  It even links to services like Mailchimp.  I can’t think of an easier way to create a newsletter full of curated content.

Wondering Where to Start?

I found it to be really easy to get started.  I am sure you will too.  No worries though: There are some great examples on the blog.  It is full of tips, tricks and case studies to help you get going.




About Accidental Sommelier

Hi, my name is Carole. I'm a lover of food & wine, family & friends. Harvard educated Business & IT consultant, International Culinary Center graduate, Certified Sommelier looking for my next adventure.
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