Millennials and Branding Wine

Who Are You Again?

Lately, my work with wineries has been focused on how to attract the ever-elusive “Millennial”. It is an important question given that this group  drank just shy of half of the wine consumed in the US last year.  It is a growing trend internationally too and wineries what to know how to break into that demographic.  Step 1;  stop calling them Millennials.

This age group, more than any other, wants to be known for their personal traits not traditional trappings of a generational labels.  They don’t care about formality, they do care about the global warming and are more welcoming of alternative lifestyles than their predecessors.  They identify less with cultural icons, identifying with with their own personal identity. The long and short of it is they want to be “real.” Putting it another way, they want experiences not status.

An interesting article in The Atlantic makes this point: “in a digital-first era, many people latch onto food as something that engages all of the senses...”.  The same can be said for the rise of craft beer and wine markets.  Gone are the days when the brand label itself mattered.  So what is a winery to do?

Getting it right

Let’s talk best practices.  My favorite example of a winery who is getting it right is Jordan Winery in Healdsburg, California. The experience of the winery begins long before you arrive.   Just look at the award winning  Pinterest site.  As you browse around your are seeing a lot more than just pics of wine bottles.  Understanding the this target audience is a visual generation who also brings us the untold numbers of funny vids on YouTube, Jordan creates videos of their own.  Again, not just beautiful footage of the winery and a some wine bottles, although that is there too.  For the most part the videos are jokes and parodies and some very personable moments.  Here is my personal fav:

“Dirty Work” Music Video Parody | Jordan Winery’s 40th Harvest



Focusing on the experience

Jordan Vineyard and Winery has done an extraordinary job creating a brand experience through social media.  While many brands use social and other media as one-off, one if the things that Jordan does very well is create a singular message through all of the media platforms.  They consistently use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other medium including blogs and press releases to create a singular message:

If you love food, wine and a great time this is the place to be.  It will be an unforgettable experience.  If you can’t make it here, visit us an the virtual world. You will be missing out if you don’t.

They are marketing place and experience so much so that they just won an the Trip Advisor Award of Excellence.    How many wineries can say that?

Really to understand all that is possible, even for a small winery, you have to experience the Jordan web presence for yourself.  Don’t just sit there….  Your adventure awaits.







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Hi, my name is Carole. I'm a lover of food & wine, family & friends. Harvard educated Business & IT consultant, International Culinary Center graduate, Certified Sommelier looking for my next adventure.
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